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Though Wyoming does not make it essential to have a license or certification to be a medical assistant, it gives you a higher edge over other aspirants in placements if you have an accredited medical assistant training program certificate in your possession. To search the best nationally accredited programs, try our search widget.

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Medical Assistant Programs Cost and Duration in Wyoming

As the state does not require specific training licenses for medical assistants, it might be a little overwhelming to find in-person programs. But, the plethora of online MA programs resolve the issue entirely. The state of Wyoming offers certificate program courses that can be completed in less than a year, and cost roughly around $3,000-$6000. However, in-person programs can be found with a little dedicated search, and these programs cost even cheaper for a year or less.


2 Best Medical Assistant Schools in Wyoming for 2020

The task of finding the best medical assistant programs can be a challenging one, especially with all the options around. When you’re choosing a school for yourself, you must select the right one. If you’re wondering why that is important, then your eligibility to get a national certification depends a lot on the qualifications and accreditations of your school. Evaluate all factors, take into consideration the important ones, while you make a choice. Here is a list of the top MA schools in Wyoming.

Cost $3,970
Type Public
Student-faculty Ratio 12:1
Recent Retention Rate 62%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


Northwest College offers a medical assistant certificate program (CMA) that is essentially taught in a blended manner. To elaborate, classes are taken via lectures, lab work, and a compulsory externship at clinics around. The program needs a student to complete a total of 30 credit hours, and completion of the program makes an aspirant eligible to take the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam.

Apart from tuition fee, there are some other expenses that cost $167 for textbooks, $90 for a set of scrubs, $45 for CPR Certification, $180 for the background check, $120 for immunizations, and $40 for clinical on-boarding, besides the $155 application fee.

The medical assistant program at Northwest also qualifies for the Wyoming Works grant, which is run by the state government for providing financial aid to the residents. The college also gives you ‘career assessment’ services that help the aspirants in choosing the right career direction by assessing their interests, values, abilities, etc.

Number of CoursesCertificate
CampusPowell, WY / Cody, WY
Cost $5,680
Type Public
Student-faculty Ratio 16:1
Recent Retention Rate 57%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


Located in Riverton, the school offers a medical assistant program that is to be completed in 32 weeks, which also comprises of an externship of 160 hours at a clinical facility. Without living expenses at the campus, the program cost is $4,893. The average annual cost with living expenses and tuition is around $7,283, according to the US Department of Education data.

Paying for college can often be difficult, but Central Wyoming College, with its numerous scholarship and federal financial grants, makes it easier for you. The certificate program allows 1 university credit and can be completed in 23-31 credit hours. The college has two terms in each cohort, spring and fall, and the students looking to take entrance into the program should plan their admission accordingly.

Number of CoursesCertificate
CampusRiverton, WY / Lander, WY / Jackson, WY / Dubois, WY


Medical Assistant Degree Finder in Wyoming

The degree you procure is of chief importance because it increases or decreases your level of employability in the future, in addition to your market standing. Search here for the best medical assistant degrees in Wyoming.

Training and Certification Requirements for Wyoming Medical Assistants

As per the state of Wyoming’s requirements, medical assistants do not need national certification or license to practice in the state. However, employers prefer ones with medical assistant certifications, and you should procure one, considering the competitive employment market scenario.

American Medical Association’s Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) program is the national accreditation that MAs in the state can procure. To be eligible for this, the university you’re going to should have proper accreditation. This will require you to answer 200 MCQs in 160 minutes. Prometric centers allow you to take the test, and once you’ve done so, you can get the certificate.

You can also get a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification, and to get that, you should complete 720 hours of credit in your MA program, with 160 hours of externship. Without a training program, you can qualify by having 5 years of experience too.

Average Medical Assistant Salaries in Wyoming

According to the latest data updated on July 9, 2020, a medical assistant makes $13.56 per hour in Wyoming, as per It is 13% lower than the national average pay for medical assistants.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of the latest data updated till May 2019, estimated the mean hourly to be $16.44 and the annual salary to be $34,190, in the state for medical assistant professionals.

PercentileAnnual Salary (Wyoming)Annual Salary (National)

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

As the data from BLS reveals, the salary of medical assistants in Wyoming is less than the national average at all percentiles, though very close.

Average Salaries of Medical Assistants in Some Major Cities of WY

CityHourly Salary (, as of Jul 09, 2020)Annual Salary (, as of Jun 28, 2020)
Rock Springs$17.43$33,024

With a $31,837 yearly salary, Gillette in Wyoming stands out as the city paying minimum wages to its MAs. Casper and Laramie pay their MAs the highest annual salaries. The top hourly salary is paid by Gillette, at $17.86, followed closely by Casper at $17.69.

Average Salaries of MAs in Some Metropolitan Areas of WY

Metropolitan AreaHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
Cheyenne, WY$16.71$34,760
Casper, WY$15.50$32,230

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

Amongst Wyoming metropolitan areas, Casper paid the highest hourly, and annual salaries, while Cheyenne stood at the second position.

Employment Outlook for Medical Assistants in Wyoming - 2020

The number of medical assistants employed in the state of Wyoming is 860, as of May 2019, according to the BLS statistics. The employment per 1,000 jobs stands at 3.14.

The industries employing the highest number of medical assistants in the state of Wyoming:

Employing IndustryEmployment
Ambulatory Health Care Services580
Offices of Physicians360
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals220
Offices of Other Health Practitioners160

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

Future Growth for Wyoming Medical Assistants 2016-2026

The healthcare industry is one such field that is always in demand. Hence, all medical health and allied health professionals, including MAs, will always have jobs to look forward to. Due to an increase in the retired population in Wyoming, the need for health professionals is projected to increase further in the upcoming years. Coupled with the job stability and flexibility MA professions provide in terms of employment, medical assistant stands out as a prominent career option.

There will be a 27% increase in medical assistant employability from 2016 to 2026 in Wyoming, which is an enormous percent increase and is higher than the national average of 23%. Hence, the demand for MAs is only likely to increase. Between these years, projections show that there will be an anticipated opening of 90 medical assistants each year. The number projected to be employed by 2026 is supposed to be around 800, according to the data from the US Department of Labor outlines.

With the changing landscape of medical health facilities and increased electronic monitoring, the role of MAs is becoming more visible and essential.

Estimated Employment Growth for Medical Assistants – WY

Projected Employment Growth in 10 YearsAnnual Projected JobsGrowth %
Wyoming630 (2016)800 (2026)9027%
National686,600 (2018)841,500 (2028)99,70023%


The short term projections data reveal that the average annual openings for medical assistants in Wyoming between the years 2019 and 2021 will be 80, which reflects a percent change of 1.5.