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Healthcare companies connect with medical assistant staffing agencies to outsource the recruitment work for specific vacancies. These employment staffing agencies are the primary source for recruiting reliable and talented candidates for respective vacancies in medical assistance.

The medical sector is vast, with versatile arrays in working categories. Each department has a different workload capacity, and thus, specialists regularly need to handle or assist efficiently.

Potential candidates find it easier to register themselves with staffing agencies that hire medical assistants.

Considering the continuous demand in this sector, we have researched and listed the highest ranking medical assistant staffing agencies. These are highly reputed consultancies among recruitment firms and have served tremendous talents in diverse regions.

1. Team1 Medical Staffing

Phone: +1 713-590-2980
Address: 2401 Fountain View Dr Suite 800, Houston, TX 77057, United States
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 08.00 – 17.00
Sat – Sun: Off

This two decades old agency based in Houston provides medical professionals to assist doctors, hospitals, diagnostic center sand clinics in the Texas region. They regularly hire experienced and fresher MA candidates for nursing, admin, dental, radiology, allied, and other healthcare jobs.

About 88% of the hired candidates continued workingwith the employer, and 75% of them earned promotions. They handle the quality and specialization in every segment, while also managing the changes in demand efficiently.

Team1 Medical Staffing has won several awards and recognition through references and connections. They have a proven record of successful hiring in the past and positive testimonials from the organizations.

2. Clinical Staffing Resources

  • +1 718-669-7373 (Brooklyn)
  • +1 631-282-8500 (Long Island)
  • +1 954-372-7114 (Hollywood, Florida)
  • +1 813-445-5016 (Tampa, Florida)
  • 420 Broadway, Floor 3, Brooklyn, NYC 11211, United States
  • 188 Park Ave, Suite B, Amityville, NYC 11701, United States
  • 4302 Hollywood Blvd, #201 Hollywood, FL 33021, United States
  • 16057 Tampa Palms Blvd, West, Tampa, FL 33647, United States
Working Days/ Hours: Mon-Sun: 24 Hours

CSR is among the best medical assistant staffing agency near you. They serve exclusively for medical facilities across all the major locations in New York, and Florida.

The company has the bulk of experience in scrutinizing the candidates and depute the best match to the required position, whether it is in temporary or permanent positions.

Job seekers get free consultations for the first time to help them connect with employers who can suitably provide jobs as per their education and skill set.

CSR hires medical professionals for several positions, including advanced practice nursing assistants, allied health professionals such as medical assistants, technicians, therapists, pathologists, and clerical and non-clerical staff.

3. Aspire Healthcare Staffing Agency

Phone: +1 678-833-1017
Address: 3343 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326, United States
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 08.00 – 17.00
Sat – Sun: Off

This is one of the prominent medical assistant staffing agencies in Atlanta, GA. Local medical centers depend on them for filling vacancies of MAs, LPNs, RNs, CNAs, and Companions.

They have partnered with many institutes, and have created trusted recruitment solutions to understand the specifics of the job role. Thus, they hire aspirants that are best fit for the organization.

The job seekers can directly register online and get free consultation for multiple career opportunities in hospitals and healthcare industries.

4. RCM Healthcare Services

Phone: +1 877-611-5027
Address: 575 8th Avenue 6th Floor, New York, NY 10018, United States
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 08.30 – 17.30
Sat – Sun: Off

RCM is highly recognized as a traveling medical assistant staffing agency in America, and they specialize in deploying multiple areas of healthcare services.

With its establishment in 1975, the company now holds more than 40 years of experience in placing medical professionals in the finest healthcare institutions across the nation.

RCM’s head office is located in New York. They also have a setup in sixteen locations in fourteen states of the United States. This includes Texas, North Carolina, California, Florida, and other major regions.

Their travel team line-up the right candidates for suitable positions with job security, salary satisfaction, flexibility, and knowledgeable experience.

They recruit for short-term, long-term, and permanent roles for travel allied health, nursing, HIM, physicians, therapists, behavioral health, and other health care services.

5. Medical Worx Staffing

Phone: +1 972-480-6500
Address: 12700Hillcrest, Suite125 Dallas. TX 75320, United States
5601Bridge St #300 Fort Worth, TX 76112 United States
Working Days/ Hours: Mon-Fri: 08.30-17.30
Sat – Sun: Off

Medical Worx is a healthcare staffing agency and has done commendable work in recruitment services, as they offer multiple solutions for temporary and permanent staffing.

Their direct hiring placement ratio is about 80%, which is almost double to the national statistics record. For hiring companies that cannot put employees on the payroll, MWS puts them on its own payroll with complete paperwork and background check.

They hire medical assistants, physicians, phlebotomists, nurses, managers, clerics, coders, and other specialists. In the current scenario, the company also worked to recruit eligible and qualified candidates for covid vaccines, testing, and monitoring.

They also offer employees’ compensation and general and professional liability insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are temp agencies and their pros and cons in staffing?

A temp agency handles the recruitment works of employers who wish to release temporary or contract-based job roles. This work culture has several advantages and disadvantages that depend upon the type of vacancy, specific requirements of the organization, and the candidate’s potential.

Let’s check out the pros & cons of staffing by a temp agency.



  • Simplifies the hiring process and saves time and energy in maintaining paper work of employees.
  • They conduct rigorous interviews to shortlist deserving candidates for the post.
  • They have a large database of freshers and experienced professionals from which they can filter out the best suitable match.
  • They can assist in hiring a contract employee full-time.
  • They often have contracts or conditions to fill up a certain number of employees in a specific time period.
  • The employer rarely gets a chance to scrutinize entire shortlisted or potential workforce and depends on the agency to deliver a suitable worker.
  • The employees may not work up to their best due to the temporary nature of the job and lack of job security.

Many companies hire themselves to avoid conditions and unsure employees. The hiring process by staffing agencies can be longer than temp agencies because they bring in candidates after suitable screening and skills evaluation.But connecting with a staffing agency is a more reliable alternative to a temp agency, as it works on a similar format but specializes in hiring candidates with a dedicated hands-off approach.

Is it worth getting a job through staffing agencies?

Staffing agencies have direct links with the employing organizations. They are also well informed about the number of vacancies with specific requirements in the job role.

The candidates may find it difficult to get the desired position in an industry as most of the time; companies release the job vacancy at the staffing agency. The companies also trust these agencies to depute eligible workers after thorough screening, which is a hard process for them.

Therefore, there are more benefits for the employer and the employee to using services from staffing agencies.

Do staffing agencies ask for a part of job seeker’s wages

Staffing agencies work as a third party or middle-man between the employee and the employer during the recruitment process.

They charge organizations to fulfill the vacant posts with suitable candidates. In a similar manner, the candidates are also asked to pay a small amount from their first salary after successful recruitment.

Depending upon the job role and hiring agency, the job seeker may have to pay 15% to 30% of the first year’s annual salary.

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Medical Assistant Staffing Agency?

Most medical companies have a separate department for employee recruitment, but an organization’s HR has several duties, including conducting interviews for hiring.However, due to a lack of resources and limitations, it becomes challenging to recruit the best deserving candidate for the job role.

Outsourcing the recruitment responsibilities to a staffing agency provides the best solution in such cases. But while finding the most suitable agency for your organization, you must address some critical factors. The following points must be considered when hiring a medical assistant staffing agency.

  • Does the company specialize in recruiting for the healthcare sector?
  • What are their resources in finding talented job seekers?
  • Do they serve in your local region, or if they have a local office?
  • What is the number of years they have served in the market?
  • What do the past recruited candidates and partnered organizations say about them in a public forum?

Written by : Casey Gardner

Casey Gardner is both a healthcare support professional and an accomplished content creator.  She has been working as a certified health care professional with marketable skills as a physician assistant,  and a qualified medical assistant for last two decades. She has dedicated her nursing career to produce over hundreds of content pieces since 2001, and her work has been published both online as well as offline.


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