Fast Track your Medical Assistant Degree with 6-Week Online Accelerated Program

Is it Possible to Get Medical Assistant Training in Just 6 Weeks?

Accelerated medical assistant programs help you receive the adequate medical assistant training you require in as little as 6 to 9 weeks. It is possible to get a medical assistant degree online in just 6 weeks so that you don’t have to spend many years in medical school procuring exhaustive training.

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BLS May 2020 estimates state that the profession of a medical assistant would bloom at 19%, which is considerably higher than the average occupations in the country. Though national certification and MA programs are not compulsory, it is recommended you procure the training so that you get first-hand exposure to medical assistant duties.

Who Should Opt for Accelerated Online MA Programs?

Accelerated online MA programs are best suited for ones who want to kick-start a career in medical assisting at the earliest. The ones eligible to pursue an accelerated program are college or high school graduates with a GPA of 2 or above. In case they do not have a high school diploma, they must have a GED equivalent.

Accelerated online MA programs are also suitable for MAs who are employed yet want to return to school to fetch a degree, for the increasing complexities in the healthcare system warrant more and more employers to prefer employees that have formal training and national certification.

Schools that Provide Accelerated MA Training Online

The accelerated medical assistant training programs have been designed and divided into three broad types based on the duration of each one, prioritizing the requirements of MA aspirants. The shortest MA training program available is 6 weeks, whereas 4 months one delves into more detail and intricacies of the allied healthcare profession. The 9 months accelerated MA online program aims to provide you with complete exposure to clinical and administrative medical assisting.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Here is a detailed insight into the schools and their accelerated MA programs that can help you fast-track your career as per your choice:

  1. Online Medical Assistant Degree in 6 Weeks

    • St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants: St. Augustine School provides a Certificate in Medical Assisting that can be completed in 6 weeks. The accelerated MA program is entirely online and also self-paced. In other words, you can take a longer time to complete the program if you so wish. The total course cost is $1,415, and you can get discounted rates at different times. The certificate is accredited by The National Accreditation and Certification Board (NACB). The program gives MA aspirants sufficient insight into medical terminology, billing, preventive care, and infection control besides training the MA aspirants to process insurance claims, give CPRs and provide secondary care in emergency procedures under the supervision of licensed physicians.
  2. 4-Month Online Medical Assistant Programs

    • CareerStep Online Education & Training Solutions: A Certificate in Medical Assisting is provided by CareerStep, and the total course duration is 4 months. Being a completely online MA program, the full program cost is $3,554. Though it has no accreditations, the online MA program is recognized by industry experts and top employers. Also known as the fast-track program, you will have access to the program for 6 months, which is the maximum duration to complete the program. Adequate exposure to clinical care, phlebotomy, and patient advocacy are provided in the course.
    • U.S. Career Institute: Notable for providing an accelerated MA program accredited by many sources like DEAC, NCCT, NHA, AMT, CACCS, it lets you choose between its 2 alternatives of the accelerated MA program. The first is the Standard Course, whereas the second is the Enhanced Course. In the enhanced course, you would be provided an insight into blood pressure cuff, medical watch and stethoscope, in addition to the areas covered in the standard course, including pharmacology, medical insurance information, first aid and front office procedures. The total cost of the standard course is $979, whereas it is $1,289 for the enhanced course.
  3. 7-9 Months Online MA Training Course

    • Care One Health Training Institute: For MA aspirants who want to receive complete exposure to MA duties, they can opt for the course provided by Care One Health Training Institute. The Certificate Course in MA lasts for 7 to 9 months. It is self-paced, so you can take a shorter or longer duration to complete. The fastest you can complete it is in 28 weeks, whereas the longest time you will receive access to the course is in 39 weeks. It has no accreditation and requires compulsory attendance to take admission to the course. All classes are conducted online. However, you’d be required to maintain deadlines. The program teaches you how to assist physicians with minor surgeries, medical examinations, administering medications, drawing blood, and completing other lab procedures. You’d also receive an insight into special diets, medical billing, and front office duties.

Benefits of Opting for a Fast Track 6-week to 9-month MA School

The benefits of obtaining an accelerated medical assistant program that lasts no more than 9 months are many. We have shortlisted the top 3 an MA aspirant cannot do without.

  1. It Lets you Fast-track your Career

    A career in medical assisting or allied healthcare is promising. However, most people get demotivated by the idea of having to procure exhaustive training. With an accelerated online MA program, you can pick up the pace and start your employment in no time!

  2. An Accelerated Online MA Program is Economical

    Not only does an online 6 week MA program gives you the fastest route to an entry-level career in healthcare, but it also ensures the process of procuring formal training is economical for you, and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

  3. It Paves the Way for Future Career Advancement

    Rather than spending 2-3 years behind a medical assisting degree, you can take an accelerated course and spend the remaining time gaining appropriate work experience and procuring other specialized courses that help you become an LPN/LVN or a registered nurse in the future.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Written by : Casey Gardner

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