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Delaware has an overwhelming number of medical assistant programs. The job of a medical assistant is a specialized and varied one, which calls for the possession of different essential skills. While choosing your medical assistant program, it is imperative that you make this decision after you’ve taken all the crucial factors into consideration, like duration, credits, practical work experience, and course curriculum.

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Medical Assistant Programs Cost and Duration in Delaware

On average, medical assistant programs in Delaware cost between $7,000 and $16,000. Some schools offer considerably more affordable programs (around $3000); however, getting into these schools can be very difficult for the competition is quite high. Certain schools have a difference in tuition fees for in-state and out-state students, but most schools charge all students the same amount.

The length of your program usually depends on the degree you opt for. To elaborate, this means certificates and diplomas typically take 9 months to complete, whereas associate degrees for medical assistants take around 2 years for completion.


5 Best Medical Assistant Schools in Delaware for 2020

Every school in Delaware has a different set of faculty, as well as a curriculum that sets it apart from the rest. Besides housing some of the best schools for medical assistants, Delaware ensures that all its MA programs equip you with all the tools and technicalities you would need later for a fruitful career.

It might be a difficult task to choose a school if you don’t have parameters to contrast and compare your options. Your evaluation must depend upon placement rates, types of courses available, associated certifications, ease of accessibility, the experience of faculty, and any other vital qualities that give you an edge over others in your area. Here’s a complete overview of the 5 best medical assistant schools in Delaware for 2020.

Cost $3,080
Type Public
Student-faculty Ratio 5:1
Recent Retention Rate 85%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


To help you grow as a multi-skilled allied health professional, Polytech Adult Education has a certificate cum diploma course available in MA programs. Total credit hours are 504, with 120 hours of externship opportunity available. The medical assisting program costs around $3,080. However, the costs of books and medical uniforms are not inclusive of the program cost. Books usually come for $428, whereas uniforms come for $242, and an additional $149.

They have specialized required courses from BLS for Health Provider, Computer Fundamentals, Employment Prep, NHA Certification Prep, and Medical Assistant Externship of 120 hours for availing certification. The course can be completed between 4 to 16 months. To be eligible for admission, you need a high school diploma or GED. Their consistently high placement rates make them one of the best medical assistant schools in Delaware. Besides, they provide advanced tracts in medical billing, coding, and phlebotomy for interested aspirants.

Number of CoursesCertificate
CampusDover, DE
Cost $16,037
Type Private
Student-faculty Ratio 9:1
Recent Retention Rate 100%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


Known for its technical courses in healthcare and medicine, Dawn Career Institute LLC has been helping individuals reach successful careers for 45 years. The college provides a hybrid diploma program, which can be completed in as little as 36 weeks. The program has both day time as well as evening classes, and they also have the flexibility of online courses along with campus-based training. The MA program at DCI also consists of an externship of 160 hours.

Their placement rates are considerably high, which makes it one of the sought after schools for medical assisting programs in DE. There has been a graduation rate of 71% among its students till 2017, out of which 59% have gone forth and scored excellent placements.

Number of CoursesDiploma
CampusNewark, DE
Cost $7,090
Type Public
Student-faculty Ratio 12:1
Recent Retention Rate 44%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


This school offers an associate degree program for MAs in its Wilmington Campus. The program starts in fall every year and consists of 5 semesters. For in-state students, the course fee is $2287.50 per semester, whereas, for out-state students, it is $5718.75. You’ve to earn 61 total credits to pass the course and receive your certificate. The college also has a diploma course for its MA aspirants, which requires you to obtain a total of 36 credits.

If you pass the college placement test, you become eligible for their placements, which were strikingly high around 85% in 2018. Their collective graduate satisfaction and employer satisfaction rates for the last 5 years have been 90% and 100%, respectively. The college also boasts of an impressive 100% exam pass rate for the cohort 2018.

Number of CoursesDiploma, Associate's Degree
CampusWilmington, DE
Cost $3,950
Type Public
Student-faculty Ratio 15:1
Recent Retention Rate 50%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


Delaware State University offers a clinical medical assistant program with an externship. The program provided by the university has a total of 780 credit hours. It’s a non-campus based mobile-ready online course with 24/7 support from the college. The course fee for this allied healthcare professional program is $3,950, and externship opportunities are also available. Besides, they are notable for providing 78 CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

To be eligible for the medical assistant program, you need to have a high school diploma or a GED. The college also provides laptops to the students pursuing this course.

Number of CoursesCertificate
CampusDover, DE
Cost $14,472
Type Private
Student-faculty Ratio 22:1
Recent Retention Rate 70
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


The medical assistant program offered by Harris School of Business in Dover campus arms you with practical knowledge on medical office administration, patient care procedures, and communication skills so that you can join the ranks of the best serving medical assistants in the state. They provide aspirants complete support in gaining financial aid from programs like FAFSA, and other grants, like FSEOG and Federal Pell Grants.

Besides, getting career support while you’re at the school, you’re eligible for refresher programs, career consultations, and other post-graduation support after you graduate, at no additional cost. There are special provisions in the college for the differently-abled students. They are provided with many academic as well as non-academic adjustments and services, which enable them to have a smooth experience during their training.

Number of CoursesCertificate
CampusDover, DE


Medical Assistant Degree Finder in Delaware

When it comes to medical assistant programs in Delaware, you can opt for diplomas, certificate courses, or associate degrees. While you can complete your diploma or certification within a shorter span than your associate degree, having the latter empowers you to have more of a fighting chance to be sought out by employers in your area.

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Training and Certification Requirements for Delaware Medical Assistants

Both Delaware and the medical board of the country does not make it mandatory for you to possess an MA degree certification to practice as a medical assistant. But, in today’s competitive market, having an MA degree makes you desirable to employers. Candidates, who possess national certification as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) through American Medical Technologies (AMT) or American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), are more likely to be considered for employment.

What makes a graduating medical assistant eligible for CMA is that the MA program is accredited by the CAAHEP or ABHES. You get 160 minutes to answer 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The test can be taken in a Prometric testing center, and Delaware has one in New Castle. If you want to opt for Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification, you’ve to take an exam that evaluates you based on your clinical and administrative knowledge.

To elaborate, your medical assistant program should be a 720 hours accredited course, involving a mandatory 160 hours of external practical work. You can also procure this certification if you’re a high school graduate, who has prior experience of 5 years in the medical field jobs. Pearson VUE testing centers in Delaware, located in Dover and Newark, are places where you can take the test.

Other national certifications that might assist you in your career, as a medical assistant, include Medical Assistant accredited by the National Center for Competing Test (NCCT), National Healthcare Association (NHA)’s Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), and National Association of Health Professionals (NAHP)’s Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant (NRCMA).

Average Medical Assistant Salaries in Delaware

The per hour average base salary of medical assistants in DE is $14.37, according to, as of June 30, 2020. It is 7% lower than the national average salary for MAs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2019) has estimated the mean hourly and annual salary of medical assistants in DE, as $16.72, and $34,770, respectively.

PercentileAnnual Salary (Delaware)Annual Salary (National)

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

As depicted in the above table, the salaries of MAs in DE were almost at close parity with the annual wage, at all percentiles.

Average Salaries of Medical Assistants in Some Major Cities of DE

CityHourly Salary (, as of Jun 30, 2020)Annual Salary (, as of Jun 28, 2020)

With a $38,242 yearly salary, Middletown stands out as one of the minimum paying cities of DE. Dover, Wilmington, and Newark pay considerably higher wages, in close parity to the national salary. Moreover, Wilmington also pays the highest hourly salary of $19.63 to its medical assistants, whereas Milford pays the lowest.

Average Salaries of MAs in some Metropolitan Areas of DE

Metropolitan AreaHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
Dover, DE$14.79$30,770
Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, DE$16.98$35,310
Salisbury, MD-DE$15.62$32,480

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

Amongst DE Metropolitan areas, Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington paid the highest annual salary on an average of $35,310 and the highest hourly wage of $16.98. Dover had the lowest average pay per year, i.e., $30,770, along with the hourly salary of $14.79.

Employment Outlook for Medical Assistants in Delaware - 2020

As per the latest reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of medical assistants who were employed was 2,700, as of May 2019. The employment rate per 1,000 jobs was 5.97.

The 5 industries employing the highest number of MAs in the state are given below:

Employing IndustryEmployment
Ambulatory Health Care Services1,850
Offices of Physicians1,440
Offices of Other Health Practitioners290
Offices of Chiropractors150

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

Future Growth for Delaware Medical Assistants 2016-2026

According to recent studies and demographics released by the government, the increase in the aging population of Delaware, also known as the baby boomers, is projected to be at 30%, and it would reach 282,047 by 2025. The primary care requires more physicians, which calls for more need for medical assistants. Though MAs are not physicians, their clinical and administrative expertise makes them indispensable in chambers, clinics, and hospitals.

Due to the shortage of primary physicians, most clinics and hospitals rely on medical assistants to improve patient outcomes. Experts believe the need for health support workers for physicians, such as medical assistants, would continue to grow in the upcoming years in the state. With the increasing demand, as well as job stability, more medical assistants in DE are experiencing job security and also attracting newer generations to pursue the career.

There are numerous job openings for new MAs entering the field. In fact, the Delaware Department of Labor and Employment forecasts about 270 job openings for MAs each year for the span of the next eight years.

Estimated Employment Growth for Medical Assistants – DE

Projected Employment Growth in 10 YearsAnnual Projected JobsGrowth %
Delaware2,010 (2016)2,400 (2026)27019%
National686,600 (2018)841,500 (2028)99,70023%


The employment rate of medical assistants in Delaware has been predicted to grow at 19%, over a period of ten years, which is less than the national average. Hence, it is no surprise that MAs in Delaware have more career opportunities opening up for them. Short term projection data also hints at a percentage increase in the number of jobs available from 2,610 in 2019 to 2,740 in 2021. The projected percentage rise is supposed to be around 5% in 2021.

The future is bright for this specialized sector as more and more hospitals are shifting towards electronic monitoring, which requires the expertise of medical assistants. Besides, their ability to attend to patients and monitor them individually has considerably increased their demand in the country as well as the state.