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While choosing an MA program in Hawaii, make sure that you learn about the schools in detail along with the programs they offer. Make sure that the course you choose is accredited and provides clinical externships for a better real-world training experience.

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Medical Assistant Programs Cost and Duration in Hawaii

A candidate needs to take in confidence different factors, including theoretical knowledge and training, when looking for a medical assisting program in Hawaii. The cost and duration of a medical assistant program depend entirely on the type of program you choose.

MA schools in the state offer different certificate and diploma programs that can be completed within a year or even less and can cost you between $2,994 and $15,400. However, an associate’s degree can take to 18 months to 2 years and can be valued at around $16,000 and $39,510. The fee structure also varies from college to college. Community colleges are cheaper than private-for-profit institutes.


4 Best Medical Assistant Schools in Hawaii for 2020

Becoming a health professional in Hawaii requires a lot of dedication and training, and this could be possible by finding the right program that matches your criteria perfectly. Before selecting the school, one should keep in mind the factors like subjects included in the course, cost, accreditation, and more. The MA programs are designed to prepare potential medical assistants for working under physicians, chiropractors, and other healthcare experts in both clinical and administrative settings.

Below given is the list of 4 best MA schools around the state of Hawaii demonstrating the best training through their professional staff along with practical knowledge so that the candidates could join the medical workforce soon after graduating. Choose the one you think is right for you and will enhance your skills and abilities as a medical assistant.

Cost $6,822
Type Public
Student-faculty Ratio 11:1
Recent Retention Rate 80%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


A certificate of achievement (CA) is offered by the Kauai Community College for MAs, which can be completed within 3 semesters. The coursework can be completed in a total of 43 to 44 credit hours with a grade ‘C’ or higher in the fall semester is required by the students to qualify for the spring semester. They take admissions in the fall of each cohort year. The application for the program is open for students between December 1 to February 1. The aspirants must fulfill all pre-requisite courses before applying for the program.

They have a limited number of seats, so those coming first and qualifying first will be given first preference. The MA program boasts of a retention rate of 80% for the year 2018. They also have an exam pass rate and job placement rate of 100% each for the same year. Prior to appearing for the clinical training part, the college wants its students to mandatorily obtain the BLS CPR certification by August 10. For this, the students are motivated to either attain the certification via their existing employer or through attending the one offered at their campus wellness center (CWC).

Number of CoursesCertificate
CampusLihue, HI
Cost $5,663
Type Public
Student-faculty Ratio 17:1
Recent Retention Rate 63%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


Established in 1946, Kapiolani Community College is a serving institution that offers a Medical Assisting Certificate of Achievement. The college also offers an Associate of Science degree, which can also be taken as a pathway of continuing further education for those who have taken up the certificate first. A total of 33 credits are required to graduate from the certificate program, and a total of 72 to 73 credits are needed for the associate degree. Both the certificate and associate’s degree allow the students to take the CMA exam by AAMA.

The college also features another short certification program in Medical Assisting Healthcare Practice Management, which provides you a certificate of competence at the end of the program. After completing this 20 credits course, students are eligible to sit for the CPC (Certified Professional Coder) and CPPM (Certified Physical Practice Manager) exams to improve their credentials and advance their career opportunities in the fields of medical coding and physician practice management. Kapiolani CC believes in enhancing the integrity and honesty of the candidates, along with providing them with meaningful curriculum and hands-on training experience.

Number of CoursesCertificate, Associate's Degree
CampusHonolulu, HI
Cost $9,750
Type Public
Student-faculty Ratio 20:1
Recent Retention Rate 72%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


Leeward Community College’s 12-month medical assisting program prepares MAs for a rewarding career in the healthcare field. LCC also provides evening and weekend classes for those who have a busy day schedule due to work or school commitments. Their online medical assistance classes also come handy for those with a busy schedule. The program is divided into different modules focusing on various skills for every credential such as the American Heart Association, American Medical Billing Association, National Healthcareer Association, and American Medical Technologists.

The college features at least 5-6 different scholarships for those who are currently unemployed, working from home, or employed but looking to upgrade their skills and pay scale. In order to apply for the program, all the aspirants must submit an application online, and write an essay of about 1000 words on “Why are you choosing this career”. Once selected, you will be contacted by the program coordinators.

Number of CoursesCertificate
CampusPearl City, HI
Cost $21,740
Type Private
Student-faculty Ratio 21:1
Recent Retention Rate 41%
Financial Aid Yes
Placement Services Yes
Counseling Services Yes
Accreditation Body


The clinical medical assisting diploma program and an associate of applied science degree are offered by Hawaii Medical College. The diploma program can be completed in just 15 months, with 64.5 credits. On the other hand, the AAS degree can take up to 22 to 24 months. For the degree program, a total of 100.5 credits and 1,215 credit hours are required for graduating.

The course work of AAS degree prepares its students in expert developmental skill sets, which includes professional leadership, communication, and response training, apart from its essential MA curriculum. Other than the day classes, evening classes are also available for the program, along with online classes, for those already occupied with a day job or school. The college provides a lifetime of free job placement assistance to the candidates under their branch of healthcare centers and offices of other experts.

Number of CoursesDiploma, Associate's Degree
CampusHonolulu, HI


Medical Assistant Degree Finder in Hawaii

Becoming an MA in Hawaii requires a lot of medical knowledge and understanding, along with keeping track of all the advancements in the healthcare profession. One can start the MA career by finding the right program that will add to your skills and abilities like patient care and professional medical standards.

Below is the degree finder that can help those with their foot in the door to take a step forward to becoming a medical professional by finding the appropriate program.

Training and Certification Requirements for Hawaii Medical Assistants

Medical assistants who wish to work in the healthcare industry in HI need to complete a high school diploma or GED. The state does not require MAs to receive certification or hold a license to practice to perform their duties. However, some employers are inclined towards hiring only those who possess a national certification, along with having both training and knowledge regarding different aspects of the medical profession.

The national credentials available for medical assistants are the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA), and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), in addition to specialty certification like the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, and Podiatric Medical Assistant.

The CMA credential is offered through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). In order to take up the certification exam, one needs to graduate from a program designed for MA by the Commission of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

Average Medical Assistant Salaries in Hawaii

The need for MAs is growing all over the country. However, in small places like HI, growth is much faster. The average salary of a medical assistant in Hawaii, as of June 23, 2020, was $16.18 per hour, which was the same as the national average, according to

The mean hourly and annual salary of a medical assistant in Hawaii, as of May 2019, was $19.05 and $39,620, respectively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

PercentileAnnual Salary (Hawaii)Annual Salary (National)

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

The data found in the above table indicates that 90% of the MAs in the state make more than $50,000 per year, which is more than the national estimate at all percentiles. It means the salary of MAs in Hawaii is way higher than the national average.

Average Salaries of MA in Some Major Cities of HI

CityHourly Salary ( as of Jun 23, 2020)Annual Salary ( as of May 28, 2020)
Mililani Town$16.76$37,385
Pearl City$12.98$37,452

Shown above is the salary of medical assistants in the major cities of Hawaii, which was from $12 to $18 per hour, with Hilo standing on top. On the other hand, the annual salary of an MA fell between the brackets of $37,000-38,000. Honolulu and Pearl City were among the highest yearly wage payers.

Average Salaries of MAs in Metropolitan Areas of HI

Metropolitan AreaHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI$18.92$39,340
Urban Honolulu, HI$18.82$39,140

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

The highest-paying metropolitan area in Hawaii was Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, with $18.92 per hour and $39,340 per annum pay. In contrast, Urban Honolulu was the lowest paying metropolitan area in the state.

Employment Outlook for Medical Assistants in Hawaii - 2020

Due to the increasing headcount of the citizens living in the state of HI, the demand and employment opportunities for qualified MAs are rising continuously. The number of medical assistants employed in Hawaii was 4,340, and the employment per thousand of jobs was 6.83, according to research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The table below indicates that the most prominent MA employing industries in the state is the Ambulatory Health Care Services, as the number of MAs employed is over 3,000.

Employing IndustryEmployment
Ambulatory Health Care Services3,330
Offices of Physicians2,370
Nursing and Residential Care Facilities620
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals570

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

Future Growth for Hawaii Medical Assistants 2016-2026

The employment opportunities for MAs in Hawaii are expected to rise immensely in the upcoming years. According to the below-projected employment data, the employment rate for MAs is expected to grow by more than 28%, which is higher than the national average, along with the estimated growth of 470 new jobs by the year 2026.

According to the short term projection done by Projection Central, the employment rate for MAs in HI is expected to grow by 2.2% and average annual openings of 450 employees for the years 2019-2021.

Projected Employment Growth in 10 YearsAnnual Projected JobsGrowth %
Hawaii3,160 (2016)4,030 (2026)47028%
National686,600 (2018)841,500 (2028)99,70023%