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On accessing the website, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions of use. It is bounding legally. You also agree to comply with any local laws that may apply. If you don’t agree with any of the terms outlined below, you’re not permitted to access the site and any material that has been incorporated therein. All the content on is protected by trademarks and is copyrighted.

Policies for Using the Website Material

In certain instances, you may be permitted to temporarily download the material on the website. (Note: This download can be used only for personal use. You are rendered a view-only license for strictly non-commercial use.) This license prohibits you from:

  • Modifying or copying any of the material on the website
  • Publically displaying the content (both for commercial and non-commercial practices)
  • Using the content for any commercial intentions
  • Reversing or tampering with any software found on the platform
  • Representing the ‘s content on any other server
  • Removing any symbols of proprietary, trademarks, and copyrights from the web material.

Disclaimer and Limitations does not warrant the accuracy or reliability of the use of its material or other resources linked on the site in any way. will not be held liable for any losses or damages occurring because of the use or non-use of information outlined across the website. This includes the loss of data and profits that an organization or individual may experience under unfortunate circumstances.

Errors and Revisions

There might be errors across the content outlined on (including but not limited to technical, typographical, or photographic mistakes). We do not warrant that any of the information described on the website is entirely accurate, complete, and fully updated. We have to keep up with the moving times. We can thus update the data on at any time without any previous intimation.

Third-Party Links

You may access third-party links on While we attempt to put across only validated resources, does not warrant that all the sites linked to the website are reviewed. We will not be responsible for any information found on these links. When you click on these, you may be automatically taken to the pages. They may get your browser information, and we are not responsible for how they may use the same.

Each website has its distinct policies concerning user privacy. Therefore, it is sincerely advised to study the respective privacy policies of each of the sites you’re visiting. does not endorse any of the sources linked on the pages. If a person uses these links, they shall do so on their own risk.

Terms of Use Review

We keep reviewing our policies at regular intervals to offer only the best. We might update the terms of use at any given time as deemed fit. When accessing, you agree to abide by the current set of terms and conditions of use.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. User privacy is rendered of utmost significance. We want to be transparent about how collects, uses, and discloses your personal information:

  • When or before collecting personal data from the user, we outline the purpose of doing so. For any other purposes (other than legal matters), we shall seek consent from the user. Collation of all information is done by lawful and fair means.
  • Your data is stored only until necessary. Once the mentioned purpose is completed, your information is removed from our systems.
  • Your personal information is important to us, and we have security safeguards in place. We protect it against theft, unauthorized use, copying, and any alterations.
  •‘s policies about the management of your personal data are transparently available when sought.

Log Files utilizes the analytic packages that are common across the industry in the form of log files. Log files include IP address information, details on what browser is being used, the internet service provider, i.e., ISP details, exit pages, number of clicks done, movement across pages, and date and time relating info. This kind of data helps us analyze trends and serve you better. The data is stored anonymously. It does not provide any inputs that can be personally identifiable to the user.


The website uses cookies for a better user-centric experience. These small text files from the user’s system help us provide faster access to login, etc. It, again, is not stored in a manner to be personally identifiable to the user in any way. Session cookies help you navigate through easily. Session cookies expire as soon as the user closes the browser.

We also use persistent cookies. Persistent cookies store your password so that you don’t have to go through the login process each time. These cookies help us track your interests so that we can display ideal results.

Note: There might be advertisers on with their own cookies. We do not administer these. has nothing to do with the cookies used by these third-party advertisers. You can evaluate the privacy policies of these third parties. Ensure you’re opting out of their specific practices that you do not want to partake in.

Our privacy policy is only ours. Our terms with regards to your privacy protection, do not apply to others, such as third-party websites or advertisers. We cannot control their functioning.  If you seek to disable cookies, it is indeed possible. Go through the individual browser options and select tabs that shall disable the same.

Registration and Display of Personal Details

Users do not need to register to access the website. However, for add on features, such as blogs and community discussion forums, you may have to register and put in personally identifiable information. No such personal details will be shared without your consent to any third parties.

However, if you do choose to post comments, add your writing to the blog, and indulge in communicating on the message board, your individual information will become available to other users through these channels. We, in this case, cannot manage how they read and use your personally identifiable data and are not to be held responsible.

Our newsletter keeps our users up-to-date with the latest developments at You can opt-in to receive such communications from us by providing your email addresses. At any time, if you seek to opt out, you will be able to do so by dropping an email or clicking on ‘unsubscribe’.

Note: The email ID provided by you to receive such communication by will not be shared with any third party unless previously consented.


We attempt to sincerely secure the information you enter on the platform. All standard industry procedures are followed the same. However, we would like you to observe here that no electronic storage can be 100% safe. Thus, in this sense, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of the data you represent on the website.

Legal Disclaimer

If required by law, we do possess the right to disclose your personal details. In instances when disclosure is essential for any judicial proceeding or when ordered by the court or when protecting’s rights, we reserve the right to reproduce your personally identifiable information.

Contact Details

Have queries with regards to’s privacy policies? Get in touch with us at or fill in the contact form.

This privacy policy was last updated on 18 April 2023.

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Written by : Casey Gardner

Casey Gardner is both a healthcare support professional and an accomplished content creator.  She has been working as a certified health care professional with marketable skills as a physician assistant,  and a qualified medical assistant for last two decades. She has dedicated her nursing career to produce over hundreds of content pieces since 2001, and her work has been published both online as well as offline.


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