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Research. Educate. Shape Careers. Find Medical Assistant Programs (FMAP) is your go-to platform for all things related to the medical assistant when you’re at the crossroads and looking to kick-start your career in medical assisting. We understand how daunting the process of starting into the real world can be or even shifting your career path.

In fact, the MA stream of study can be particularly confusing. The required accreditations to become medical assistants, their licensing policies, and the scope of responsibilities are not as clearly established as in other professions. State disparities are prominent, which lead to unanswered doubts and stranded students not knowing where to go and how to begin. This is where FMAP comes in.

Moreover, we know the boom in demand for MAs across states and the promising job trends. We want to ensure that no one harboring this dream gives it up de-motivated due to a lack of proper knowledge. Thus, we at FMAP bring together all the information you would need on medical assisting cohesively on one platform.
We present the latest info and segregate it state-wise so that it’s easier for you to browse through exactly what you need. We first help you figure whether being a medical assistant is the right choice for you. Next, we help you start at it just right. The idea is to pick the ideal school, the most suitable program based on individual goals, and the perfect degree that shall enhance your employability. We have separate widgets for each of these. Most importantly, find a detailed list of the top MA schools in your state to review. Evaluate and make an intelligent decision.

How to Use the Top School’s Database on the Website?

State-wise lists of the top medical assistant schools and programs are outlined on the platform. Picking the perfect school is crucial. However, there are tons of factorials to evaluate the process. Essential information about campus locations, programs offered, student ratings, number of credits, accreditations, tuition fees, internship opportunities, type of modules, study equipment, and faculty are enlisted. All you got to do is find the article for your state, browse through the best medical assisting schools there and pick the apt school for you based on these factors.

Other Key Information on the Website

We want to paint the whole picture, and not only reproduce what everyone knows already. From the start of your medical assistant career, we help you succeed at every step till the end.

What are the benefits of becoming a medical assistant? What essential skills do MAs need to learn? What sort of medical assistant certifications and training is prevalent in your state? Which credentials are most recognized? How much would these programs cost you? What is the average salary that these professionals in the state are earning (per hour and annually)? What is the employment outlook in your state, and how does the future look like for MAs?

These are explained with valuable statistics to ensure you’re well-informed of the whole deal. You can gauge all aspects and decide if medical assisting is indeed the right choice for you.

Our Team of Experts

There is a lot of jargon all over the internet. To cut through that, we bring you up to date knowledge right from the source that you can trust. Get the right information from those actually in the field. Our team is majorly constituted by registered nurses and medical practitioners who share real insights into medical assisting. These writers from the nursing and healthcare background pen down what employers expect out of medical assistants.

Editors with expertise in medical writing give words to our voice. We love actual data, and all our inputs are backed by researched statistics.

Krysti Conniff (BSN,RN)

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A nurse and freelance writer, Krysti graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a BS in Psychology in 2010. She worked in a mental health facility for two years before studying nursing at Marquette University, where she was a member of Sigma Theta Tau International. She started her nursing career in medical telemetry before moving to cardiac stepdown and then working in the float pool.

She has experience in women’s health, med/surg, cardiology, neurology, ED, psychiatry, orthopedics, pulmonology, gastroenterology, and burns. She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Global Health at Northwestern University and simultaneously working on her first novel.

Janelle M. Zimmerman (RN, Health Coach)


A Registered Nurse, health coach and social scientist by profession, and former horse-and-buggy Mennonite, committed Jesus-follower and coffee addict turned writer, her educational background includes an Associate Degree in Nursing from Reading Area Community College and Bachelor of Arts in Sociocultural Nursing from the Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She currently works as a pediatric home care nurse and a freelance writer.

In her spare time, what little there is of it, she can be found reading books on a plethora of topics and digging deep into Bible study. Her passion is to help people be the healthiest they can be so that they can fulfill the god-given calling that only they can do.

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Note: It’s always best to contact the school for any specific program questions. Request the course catalog and talk to the school coordinator for the most detailed clarifications.

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Everything on the site is purely informational and student-centric. Our only goal is to guide you with what you need to make an informed decision. We are not associated with any of the schools listed on the website. The data presented is rendered by nationally credible sources.


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