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11 Best Medical Assistant Programs in Austin, Texas for 2023

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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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1. The College of Health Care Professions

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Certificate Full time 9 Months 180 Hours

Accredited by ABHES for its elite training programs in allied health care, The College of Healthcare Professions, CHCP, has become one of the leading CMA classes in Austin. They offer a long list of degree and certificate courses, and clinical medical assistant programs are highly successful in credibility and job placements.

The medical assistant course at CHCP, Austin, lets you gain professional expertise in clinical studies, administrative work, and procedures. At the same time, you stand out as a middle-men between practitioners, hospitals, or insurance firms and patients. A student from CHCP receives opportunities to work with medical departments at organizations, multi-specialty hospitals, surgical centers, clinical laboratories, etc. They work to enhance your potential growth and knowledge, thereby helping you achieve better opportunities at the beginning of your career.

The CHCP holds its presence in multiple locations in the state of Texas. You may apply online or directly visit the Austin medical assistant school and meet the admission consultant for admissions. You will be assisted in applying for financial aid if you qualify for the criteria. A lot of students are gaining the benefit through many such scholarship programs.

2. Cyber Tex Institute of Technology

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Certificate Full time 9 Months 1 Week 160 Hours

The Cyber Tex Institute of Technology made its first presence as a vocational school in Austin, TX, in the year 2001. They offer multiple courses, four significant studies in the medical, healthcare, network engineering, & construction sector, and permit credit transfer to the students who wish to switch programs within the institute (Conditions Applied).

The students opting for clinical medical assistant programs in Austin may effectively apply for the National Healthcare Association certification exam for Medical Assistant, Certified Phlebotomy Technician, and Certified EKG Technician. There are no application fees or enrolment tests. You can directly be part of this Austin based medical assistant school round the year as they do not have a fixed semester schedule and usually begin with a new batch after every 30 – 45 days. This institute provides no online classes.

VA Department authenticates the Cyber Tax institute as a Texas Veterans Commission training provider; hence the Veteran dependants may apply for eligible benefits. The students may receive educational benefits from 45 – 81 months, depending on the criteria. Other financial aid programs are also available for students who find it difficult to afford the expenses.

3. Southern Careers Institute

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Certificate Full time 9 Months 160 Hours

Southern Career Institute offers one of the best medical assistant programs to promote a multi-facet training system. They don’t limit the course to clinical studies or hospital management but also work towards enhancing technical skills with personal communication. Not just that, as after completing the course, there will be a long list of eligible certification exams waiting for you, which includes MS Office, Basic Life Support, Medical Administrative Assistant, and others.

You can join the MA training program at SCI in eight prominent cities of Texas, where SCI has now expanded its branches. There is an option to change or mid-way to join any of the twenty professional courses offered with in-house credit transferrable facility and under specific conditions from other colleges.

The college has a particular cell for assisting students in obtaining financial help through multiple scholarship programs, grants, or loans, besides military assistance. There are numerous aspects in which the Southern Career Institute helps students excel in their careers. Sci Connect is a job portal of the college that bridges the gap between the company and the students. Here the counselors would help you gain momentum with the curriculum if you have been out of school education for a long time.

4. Austin Medical Assistant School – West Braker

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Certificate Part-time 6 Months 80 Hours

The Austin Medical Assistant School – West Braker regularly launches medical assistant batches for aspiring students. They usually offer discounts on tuition fees to the early birds. The AMAS works on the philosophy of providing education at the lowest prices, making the course convenient and affordable for studying.

The clinical medical assistant program uses the highly recognized NHA Medical Assistant CCMA guide to prepare the course syllabus. All the study material is made available to the students without extra charges. Once the course is successfully finished, you will be a certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) and can practice in this profession all over the USA.

The duration of the course for medical assistance in AMAS is relatively lesser than most other colleges, but the reason they give seems to justify the matter. Their philosophy is to train the students to spend less time on theoretical studies and devote more practical knowledge. They claim to arrange most of the lectures or classes directly in medical courses, i.e., where you will practice your profession; hence, they aim to create a job-ready candidate following a live training environment throughout the course.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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5. Austin Medical Assistant School – Cedar Park, Austin

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Certificate Part-time 6 Months 80 Hours

Austin’s central section for CMA classes is opened at Cedar Park by Austin Medical Assistant School. You can be part of this college by attending an online or offline mode of education. The educators are expert professionals in their respective trades, having many years of experience. They have also partnered with 130+ doctors and medical groups in the USA who help the students launch their careers as medical assistants.

The course modules are designed to favor the students working part times, as it becomes manageable for students to attend classes in the closest locations in Austin, making it a convenient experience.

They address the basic requirements of a student while being in a course. They do not have financial aid policies or support any other scholarship plans. Unlike many other medical schools in Austin, Texas, they have a low fee structure with a part payment facility. So they believe offering the course at a low cost would result in none of them passing out will be under debts of loans. The college also takes the responsibility to provide regular study material with a guidebook for no extra cost.

6. Goodwill Career & Technical Academy

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Certificate Part-time 3 Months 1 Week

The Goodwill Career & Technical Academy provides a versatile range of career development courses at minimum to zero course fees. Most of the systems run on double shift, i.e., day and evening sections at this medical assistant school in Austin. They keep a minimal level of strength in classes to let proper one-to-one interaction between students and instructors.

At GCTA, the clinical medical assistant programs students would gain employable knowledge in physiology and anatomy besides doctors and patient assistance and administration. The course prepares you to attend the Certified Medical Assistant American Association of Medical Assistants Certification Exam to obtain CMA credentials. The students will typically cover 720 hours of classes which can be finished sooner by 13 weeks to get certified.

Henceforth you are job-ready to handle clinical and administrative positions, ensuring efficient performance.

After gaining the medical assistant certification from Texas, you will be guided by the career support experts to achieve positive results at job seminars or create employer connections. If you fulfill certain conditions, you may stand eligible for complete tuition fee grants. At the same time, most of the training sessions are usually freely available to the qualifying students.

7. Austin Career Institute

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Diploma Part-time 10 Months

The Austin Career Institute is a highly recognized and award-winning college. They provide one of the best medical assistant programs in Austin, Texas. It has been accredited on the national level for outlining a creative course structure that delivers practical knowledge alongside promoting working abilities in the candidates.

ACI was listed among the top four groups in Texas White House Delegation and the only private institute in the country to participate in the White House’s National Skills and Credentials Institute Conference. The college has bagged many more awards from well-known organizations in various fields, such as generating innovative, knowledgeable, and qualified professionals. To honor the college, 1st December has been declared as the Austin Career Institute Day by the Austin Mayor in 2016.

The medical assistant diploma program at ACI is a long-term course, and candidates are expected to cover 900 hours of classes to get an entry-level position as MA. It covers scholarships, loans, grants, and Veteran Assistance. The ACI offers special financial aid programs for eligible students seeking admission in the medical assistant course but faces financial troubles with fee payments.

8. Snap Medical Assistant Academy

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Certificate Part-time 3 Months 3 Weeks 80 Hours

Snap Medical Assistant Academy is a prominent college that provides online CMA classes in Austin with four lab locations in Texas: Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. They accept admission entries 365 days and regularly begin batches every month. So, you may opt for a suitable time to finish the course as per your availability.

There are no financial aids available, but the course seems not to be too expensive because they provide a fast-track medical assistant certification. The students are at benefit since they quickly become eligible to join as an assistant medical professionals in an organization. Another advantage is that you may choose from three different payment plans as suitable.

The course material is sub-divided into multiple sections and with continuous guidance from experts. Students get the flexibility to study the subject on the weekdays, followed by an online session each Saturday to explore the unanswered questions from the instructor raised by students. As per the reviews of Snap Medical Assistant Academy, the hybrid MA training program is safe, and affordable, with many conveniences offered at the candidate’s end. The combination of home studies with e-learning classes and home practicing lab kits makes it a student-friendly program.

9. Central Texas Allied Health Institute

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Diploma Full time 9 Months 120 Hours

Central Texas Allied Health Institute provides quality education in a long list of allied health courses, including studies in medical assistance, pharmacy, phlebotomy, patient care, and technicians in surgery or instruments. Their medical assistant program in Austin is exclusive works for the financially weaker section of society.

The CTAHI has established agreeable partnerships with firms based in Central Texas that provide externships to students and assist them at professional out-fronts after their education. The social service providers are pretty active at the campus to stand by the students’ needs. They have built working collaborations with Texas Workforce Commissions to offer financial aid to eligible individuals.

The medical assistant course designed by this institute is a long-term program to be completed in 592 working hours. They aim to instill thorough knowledge in physiology, anatomy, pathology, medical terminology, etc., and proficiency in job search & retain ability. They specifically assist the students in joining medical organizations to successfully fulfill the externships and find the right set of job opportunities to excel in their careers.

10. Central Texas Nurse Network, Inc.

Program: Full time/ Part-time: Duration: Externship:
Diploma Part time 9 Months 235 Hours

The Central Texas Nurse Network was founded in 2004 and has state recognition by Nurse Aide Training Programming. The course they offer is a combination of Medical assistants and a phlebotomy program. More than 350 students are admitted every year to this college. The CTNN has been approved by Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), which provides an alternative option to the students to file their grievances if the college is unable to provide a satisfactory response.

The course is designed in a way to collaborate local health care systems with the students. The one studying here gets to know the core factors of medical workers such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, administrative functions, assisting nurses, and other offices.

They have their pre-set eligibility criteria which you have to finish from giving an interview to providing proof documents for clarification. After joining the clinical medical assistant programs, the students receive books and other supplies from the college itself. It is a long-term course that follows strict criteria to finish 995 hours of studies, out of which the students had to complete 760 hours of class studies and laboratory training.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Written by : Casey Gardner

Casey Gardner is both a healthcare support professional and an accomplished content creator.  She has been working as a certified health care professional with marketable skills as a physician assistant,  and a qualified medical assistant for last two decades. She has dedicated her nursing career to produce over hundreds of content pieces since 2001, and her work has been published both online as well as offline.


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