Resource Hourly Salary Annual Salary Update Date
Indeed $15.23 $35,245 July 19, 2020 $17 $36,198 June 28, 2020
Payscale $15.39 $33,944 July 15, 2020
AAMA $17.74 $33,570 2019

Certified Medical Assistant Hourly Pay

Certified Medical Assistant Salaries by State

(Hourly Salary)
(Annual Salary)
(Hourly Salary)
(Annual Salary)
Alaska $18.95 43,836 $17.54 40,578
Rhode Island $19.47 45,045 $16.49 38,153
Washington $18.61 43,050 $16.71 38,660
Minnesota $18.96 43,898 $16.00 37,031
Massachusetts $17.35 40,144 $17.02 39,384
California $16.70 38,640 $17.48 40,434
Oregon $18.43 42,645 $15.58 36,054
Connecticut $16.69 38,614 $16.93 39,167
New Jersey $16.23 37,548 $17.30 40,021
Rhode Island $19.47 45,045 $16.49 38,153
North Dakota $18.16 42,020 $14.69 33,990
New York $16.19 37,448 $16.79 38,841
Maine $17.42 40,316 $15.08 34,895
Wisconsin $17.03 39,411 $15.41 35,655
Colorado $16.57 38,346 $15.60 36,090
Illinois $15.89 36,763 $16.07 37,176
Maryland $15.79 36,529 $16.13 37,323
Hawaii $15.37 35,559 $16.41 37,979
New Hampshire $15.72 36,378 $15.88 36,741
Vermont $16.37 37,884 $15.07 34,859
Pennsylvania $15.75 36,449 $15.61 36,126
Iowa $16.27 37,639 $14.97 34,642
Virginia $15.65 36,212 $15.55 35,981
Arizona $15.45 35,748 $15.47 35,788
Nevada $14.64 33,867 $16.04 37,103
Delaware $14.23 32,918 $16.43 38,008
Montana $16.37 37,874 $14.18 32,814
Indiana $15.09 34,912 $15.29 35,366
Nebraska $15.75 36,433 $14.35 33,194
Georgia $14.98 34,662 $15.14 35,022
Michigan $14.31 33,103 $15.66 36,227
Ohio $14.40 33,771 $15.28 35,344
Texas $14.48 33,512 $15.36 35,546
South Dakota $16.36 37,850 $13.39 30,986
Utah $14.85 34,358 $14.82 34,295
Wyoming $15.67 36,293 $13.92 32,217
Idaho $14.84 34,330 $14.77 34,165
North Carolina $14.51 33,573 $14.92 34,533
Florida $14.51 33,566 $14.86 34,389
South Carolina $14.77 34,171 $14.64 33,882
New Mexico $14.92 34,515 $14.30 33,085
Kentucky $14.38 33,277 $14.72 34,063
Kansas $13.71 31,720 $14.85 34,352
Tennessee $14.19 32,840 $14.21 32,886
Arkansas $15.19 35,139 $14.43 33,384
Oklahoma $13.28 37,724 $14.71 34,027
Louisiana $12.57 29,088 $14.99 34,678
Missouri $12.64 29,236 $14.91 34,497
Alabama $12.66 29,288 $14.66 33,918
West Virginia $12.79 29,599 $13.86 32,072
Mississippi $12.60 29,143 $13.61 31,493

Source: of July 19, 2020) & (as of June 28, 2020)

The data gathered from and for “certified medical assistant salaries by states” postulates that the top 5 highest paying states for medical assistants are Alaska, Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and California. These 5 states have an average hourly salary ranging from $16 to $18 and an average annual salary ranging from $37,000 to $43,000 for medical assistants.

Some of the lowest-paying states for medical assistants include Missouri, Alabama, West Virginia, and Mississippi. All these states have an average hourly salary ranging from $12 to $14 and a mean annual wage ranging from $29,000 to $34,000.

Salary Differences Based on Additional Certifications

Certifications Salary Difference (in %)
Epic Certification 32.09%
Medical Technologist 14.28%
BLS Certification 10.87%
Certified Phlebotomy Certification 10.31%
CPR Certification 3.19%

Source: indeed (as of July 19, 2020)

Additional certifications help boost your medical assisting career as employers are more likely to hire a medical assistant who has maximum qualifications. Epic accreditation, which is usually sponsored by employers, has the highest salary difference of 32.09%, among others. It means that the possession of epic certification will lead to an increase of approx. 32% of the mean medical assisting salary. Other certifications such as medical technologist, AHA BLS certification, CPR certification, and certified phlebotomy certification will enhance skills and also result in several salary increments, as shown in the table.

Certified Medical Assistant Salary

Certified Medical Assistant Pay by Experience

Indeed Payscale
Years of Experience (CMA) Average Hourly Pay Years of Experience (CMA) Average Hourly Pay
Less than 1 year $14.10 1 year $13.41
1 to 2 years $14.86 1 to 4 years $14.32
3 to 5 years $15.77 5 to 9 years $15.88
6 to 9 years $16.66 10 to 19 years $16.80
More than 10 years $17.43 20+ years $17.71

Certified Medical Assistant Salary by Experience Level

Source: indeed (as of July 19, 2020)

The graph speculates a gradual increase in the certified medical assistant salary with respect to the addition of several years of work experience. CMAs at the entry-level stage are expected to earn an average hourly pay of $14.10. As the work experience of 1 to 2 years is gained, the prospective hourly salary of $14.86 is received by the certified medical assistant.

Following the trajectory, 3 to 5 years of experience will secure an average hourly pay of $15.77; 6 to 9 years of work experience will lead to an hourly salary of $16.66 and the work experience of more than 10 years will cement your dedication towards the profession and help you earn hourly pay of $17.73, the highest hourly rate among others.

Pay difference by experience level for certified medical assistants

Source: payscale (as of July 08, 2020)

The data reflected in the graph shows us the pay difference by experience level for certified medical assistants. Entry-level CMAs with a minimum of 1 year of work experience are projected to earn an average hourly pay of $13.41. With 1 to 4 years of experience as an employed CMA, the average hourly wage is expected to be $14.32. CMAs, after gaining a significant work experience of 5 to 9 years, are eligible to earn hourly pay of $15.88.

The 10 to 19 years of work experience assure an estimated hourly salary of $16.80. Certified medical assistants who have completed more than 20 years in the healthcare field are entitled to the average hourly pay of $17.71.

Highest Paying Cities for CMAs in the US

City Average Salary (Hourly)
Portland (Oregon) $19.16
Spokane (Washington) $17.06
Indianapolis (Indiana) $16.48
Atlanta (Georgia) $16.20
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) $15.99
Baltimore (Maryland) $15.94
Dallas (Texas) $15.47
Houston (Texas) $15.24

Source: indeed (as of July 19, 2020)

The data reported in the chart exhibits the highest paying cities for certified medical assistants. The cities that offer the highest salaries to CMAs include Portland, the highest paying city that provides an average hourly pay of $19.16. CMAs working in Spokane are expected to earn an hourly wage of $17.06.

Healthcare facilities across Philadelphia and Baltimore will provide average hourly pay of $15.99 and $15.94 to CMAs, respectively. Certified medical assistants working in Atlanta can expect $16.20 as their hourly salary. CMAs working in Texas’ major cities Houston and Dallas earn from $15 to $15.50 per hour, approximately.

City Average Hourly Pay Pay Difference Rate
Seattle (WA) $21.23 35%
Chicago (IL) $17.39 16%
Philadelphia (PA) $17.01 5%
Houston (TX) $15.91 4%
Atlanta (GA) $16.01 4%
Dallas (TX) $16.45 2%

Source: payscale (as of July 08, 2020)

The pay difference displayed in the chart is the individual increased salary rate concerning the national average hourly rate for CMAs working in metropolitan cities in the USA. Seattle offers an hourly pay of $21.23, which is 35% more than the average hourly wage to the employed certified medical assistants. CMAs working in Chicago are expected to earn an hourly pay of $17.39, which is 16% more than the national average hourly wage.

Philadelphia is one of the highest paying cities for CMAs that has a pay difference rate of 5% and provides a mean hourly salary of $17.01. Certified medical assistants working in Houston and Atlanta earn an hourly pay of $15.91 and $16.01, respectively, and both cities have a pay difference rate of 4%. Average hourly payment of $16.45 and a salary rate of 2% more than the national average hourly rate is secured by CMAs working in Dallas.

CMA Salary by Skills

Skill (CMA) Mean Hourly Pay Mean Annual Pay
Electronic Medical Records $15.56 $34,241
Phlebotomy $15.39 $33,901
Scheduling $15.36 $35,064
Patient Education $15.38 $32,956
Customer Service $15.36 $35,658
Triage $15.44 $33,811
Microsoft Office $14.83 $35,838

Source: payscale (as of July 08, 2020)

Specialized skills make medical assistants eligible to perform certain tasks effectively. The presence of these skills enhances the chances of getting employed with higher pay. By acquiring EMR skills, a CMA will earn an average hourly wage of $15.56 and mean yearly payment of $34,241, the most top average salary by skills amongst all. Being skilled in phlebotomy will secure a mean hourly pay of $15.39 and an average annual salary of $33,901 for certified medical assistants.

CMAs can expect an hourly salary of $15.36 and an annual salary of $35,064 by getting trained in scheduling skills. Certified medical assistants with skills like Patient Education earn an hourly pay of $15.38 and a yearly pay of $32,956, while MAs with Costumer Service receive an hourly wage of $15.36 and an annual salary of $35,658. At the same time, these professionals with Triage earn an hourly pay of $15.44 and annual pay of $33,811, and with Microsoft Office skills receive an hourly wage of $14.83 and a yearly salary of $35,838.

Certified medical assistants wages by skills

Salary and Job Satisfaction Among Certified Medical Assistants

Being a CMA is a satisfying profession as it ensures self-fulfillment due to its contribution to the healthcare of the overall population. Unlike other medical professions that take years of educational training and high tuition fees, medical assistants can complete their training in 1-2 years with affordable tuition costs and earn a good salary.

According to a survey conducted by indeed, 36% of Certified Medical Assistants in the United States think their salaries are enough for the cost of living in their area. In another survey operated by payscale, a job satisfaction rating of 3.83 out of 5 for certified medical assistants is received from 1,919 responses. The rating states that, on average, the job of a CMA is highly satisfying.

Top 10 Paying Companies for Certified Medical Assistants

Rank Company Employing CMAs Average Hourly Pay
1 Sutter Health $26.48
2 Jefferson Healthcare $24.10
3 Kaiser Permanente $24.04
4 Virginia Mason Medical Center $22.14
5 Oregon Health and Science University $21.50
6 Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System $20.46
7 Emory Healthcare $20.45
8 Sterling Medical $20.07
9 SSM Health $19.79
10 Providence Health and Services $19.70

Source: indeed (as of July 19, 2020)

The data shows the hierarchy between top paying companies for CMAs. Sutter Health offers the highest hourly pay of $26.48 amongst other companies. Following that, Jefferson Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente provide average hourly pay of $24.10 and $24.04, respectively. Other companies in the table mentioned above ensure an average hourly pay ranging between $19 and $22 to certified medical assistants.

Common Benefits for Certified Medical Assistants Apart from Salary

Apart from being a self-fulfilling and satisfying profession with reasonable salary rates, a certified medical assistant is a job with various benefits. Employers across the United States provide lucrative bonuses to the hired certified medical assistant. Some of the most common benefits offered are insurance and reimbursement. The table below shows the most common benefits for CMAs based on the generated data.

Most Common Health Benefits
Life Insurance Health Insurance Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance Disability Insurance Flexible schedule
Paid Time Off Tuition Reimbursement Employee Assistance Program
401(k) Plan Flexible Spending Account

Source: indeed (as of on July 19, 2020)

The graph below depicts the common benefits inherited by CMAs and the statistics with respect to CMAs attaining these benefits across the United States. Medical insurance is the most common health benefit that is received by approximately 71% of CMAs throughout the USA, while 63% of certified medical assistants are provided with dental health benefits, and 56% CMAs receive vision health insurance. On the contrary, 27% of certified medical assistants are not given any health benefits from their employers.

certified medical assistants benefits

Source: payscale(as of July 08, 2020)

Salary Comparison with Similar Professions in the US

The average salary of similar professions to Certified Medical Assistant in the United States is as follows:

Similar Profession Average Hourly Salary (indeed) Average Hourly Salary (payscale)
Medical Assistant $15.53 $15.71
Medical Administrative Assistant $15.43 $15.82
Medical Receptionist $14.29 $14.14
Clinical Assistant $17.27 $15.29
Medical Scribe $14.08 $12.51
Patient Coordinator $15.96 $16.50
Patient Care Technician $15.35 $14.02
Dental Assistant $17.71 $16.30

Source: indeed (as of July 19, 2020) & payscale (as of July 08, 2020)

The similar professions listed in the above table have certain job responsibilities and duties that are quite alike, although these professions have different credentials and program training that make them individually distinctive. All these professions earn an average hourly pay ranging from $14 to $17 with the highest-paid jobs being Dental Assistant ($16-$17), Clinical Assistant ($15-$17), and Patient Coordinator ($15-$16).

Factors that can Boost the CMA Salary

Certified medical assistant salaries can be fitted into a particular range, but various factors lead to different salary rates for the same profession. The presence of these factors can boost CMA salaries. Some factors that affect CMA salaries include:

  • Advancing your expertise in medical assisting by gaining maximum work experience can help you boost your salary and other job prospects.
  • A specific geographical location may have a high demand for medical assistants and, thus, may offer you a higher salary.
  • A higher degree or education qualification may boost your expected salary and also enhance the chances of getting hired by employers.
  • Additional specialized credentials and skills may appeal to more employers as you are eligible to perform specific skills, which may lead to higher pay.
  • Specific industry or employer may offer a higher salary compared to other employers.
  • A specialized work setting, such as gynecology or pediatrics, may differ in terms of offering a salary. Hence, a higher salary can be expected from a specific work setting.

Hiring Trends and Projected Job Outlook for CMAs

Hiring trends help employers to prioritize the job-seeking candidates and recruit them based on certain requirements. Different industries may hire certified medical assistants with different specializations. Hiring trends are based on specialized skills such as medical billing and coding, operating EMR and EHR machines, and clinical procedures. These skills are required by a particular work setting as per their specialization or requirement. Career specializations in work settings such as gynecology/obstetrics, pediatrics, podiatry, cardiology, and ophthalmology can influence hiring trends and recruitment chances.

Career Growth for CMAs

Career ladder allows the progression of employees in terms of job responsibilities, career advancement, salary increments, etc. The pyramid below showcases prospects that could lead medical assistants to higher incentives. The base of the pyramid represents medical assistants within an organization that provides quality work and productivity, qualifying for a wage increase. Moving a bit upwards, medical assistants with additional skills such as CPR training and certification, electrocardiography, and radiology skills are eligible for an increase in their overall salary.

The second row from the top displays medical assistants on positions like health coaching and leadership, for which extensive training is required. These MAs are provided with more significant wage gains. The topmost category of the pyramid represents medical assistants who have grown out of the MA job category to other related career advancement options, like nursing, for better wage gains.

CMA wages

Source: PMC (published on November 10, 2016)

An aging baby boomer population and critical health issues resulted in the demand for more allied health professionals, including certified medical assistants. More health professionals are required to ensure medical care to patients, and along with that, certified medical assistants are also required to maintain these healthcare facilities that provide medical care by performing administrative and clinical duties.

The demand for CMAs is projected to increase by 154,900 in numbers, which is 23%, from 2018 to 2028, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The job prospects for medical assistants are higher if they have earned certification and training from accredited boards and colleges. Additional skills and credentials are also desired by potential employers.

certified medical assistant career growth

Source: BLS (as of May 2019)

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