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How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make in North Dakota?

A medical assistant’s salary in North Dakota, according to BLS, is $17.87 an hour, or $37,170 a year, which is correct as of March 31, 2020. Data from other reputable sources is also given in the table below, which shows that the MAs in the state earned between $14 to $18 per hour on an average. Similarly, annual salaries fell in the bracket of $34,000 to $37,000 approximately.

Resource Hourly Salary Annual Salary Date Updated
BLS $17.87 $37,170 March 31, 2020
Indeed $16.76 $39,027 January 2, 2021 $16 $34,187 January 29, 2021
ZipRecruiter $14 $34,308 January 13, 2021

Medical Assistant Pay in North Dakota at Different Percentiles

Percentile Annual Salary (North Dakota) Annual Salary (National)
10% $28,400 $25,820
25% $32,560 $29,460
50% $36,640 $34,800
75% $40,840 $40,270
90% $48,440 $48,720

Source: BLS (as of March 31, 2020)

The above table reveals that the annual salary of medical assistants in North Dakota is higher than the national average at the 10th, 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile.

Highest Paying Cities for Medical Assistants in ND

The table below outlines MA salary in North Dakota’s top 10 cities, according to indeed and

City Per Hour Salary ( Per Hour Salary (
Bismarck, ND $20.86 $17
Regan, ND $20.86 $17
Menoken, ND $20.49 $17
Saint Anthony, ND $20.16 $17
Sterling, ND $19.19 $17
Baldwin, ND $18.81 $17
Mandan, ND $17.58 $17
Fargo, ND $16.60 $16
Williston, ND $16.57 $17
Grand Forks, ND $15.61 $16
Minot, ND $15.25 $16

Source: (as of January 2, 2021) and (as of January 29, 2021)

The top 2 cities that pay the highest to their medical assistants stand similar to each other. Bismarck and Regan stood first and paid $20.86/hour, closely followed by Menoken. It is also seen that the remaining cities on the list pay between $15 and $20 roughly.

Highest Paying Metropolitan Areas for North Dakota Medical Assistants

The following table represents a medical assistant’s pay in various metropolitan areas of North Dakota at various career checkpoints, according to BLS.

Metropolitan Area Mean Annual Wage 10th Percentile Wage 50th Percentile (Median) Wage 90th Percentile Wage
Bismarck, ND $35,800 $27,300 $35,670 $44,170
Fargo, ND-MN $38,770 $32,180 $38,390 $48,830

Source: BLS (as of March 31, 2020)

Out of the metropolitan areas of North Dakota, Bismarck has a mean annual wage of $35,800, while Fargo paid $38,770 a year. You can also see the 10th, 50th, and 90th percentile wages in the table above.

Top Cities/Areas with Highest Employment

The following table shows the number of medical assistant jobs in North Dakota’s various metropolitan areas.

Metropolitan Area Number of Employed Medical Assistants
Bismarck, ND 140
Fargo, ND-MN 120
Grand Forks, ND-MN 60

Source: BLS (as of March 31, 2020)

The maximum number of medical assistants in North Dakota was employed in Bismarck, followed by Fargo, with just 20 workers behind. On the other hand, only 60 professionals were employed in Grand Forks, which is the least in the state and exactly half the number in Fargo.

Top 10 Paying Employers for Medical Assistants in North Dakota

The following table shows how much do certified medical assistants make in North Dakota’s top 10 healthcare and related facilities, according to

Employer Per Hour Salary
Kaiser Permanente $23.56
UCLA Health $23.41
NYU Langone Health $20.74
Stanford Health $20.54
Virginia Mason $20.00
Scripps Health $19.76
Atrius Health $19.54
Massachusetts General Hospital $18.15
Providence $18.06
Maxim Healthcare Group $17.50

Source: (as of January 2, 2021)

Kaiser Permanente pays the most to its medical assistants in North Dakota, precisely $23.56 an hour. The second place was taken by UCLA Health, which paid almost at par with Kaiser Permanente, followed by NYU Langone Health. The remaining employers in this top 10 list paid between $17 and $20 approx, with Maxim Healthcare Group paying the lowest.

Benefits for North Dakota Medical Assistants other than Salaries

Medical assistance pays well, not only in the form of salary and bonus but also through other benefits and perks. The monetary benefits are about $34,226 a year, which is only 66.8% of the total compensation of $51,221 a year. The remaining 33.2%, or $16,995, is received in the form of the following benefits.

  • Healthcare

    It is the industry you work in, which means it will take care of you as much as it can. The healthcare plan for North Dakota medical assistants is about $6,371 a year, which is roughly 12.4% of their total yearly remuneration.

  • Time Off

    The leaves a medical assistant gets during the year also have a monetary value, which is around $4,344 a year in North Dakota, or 8.5% of the yearly remuneration.

  • Social Security

    The employers of medical assistants in North Dakota pay for social security on their behalf for about $2,618 a year, making up about 5.1% of their total compensation.

  • 401K/403B

    Once the employee retires, this fund can be used to stay afloat. Employers of medical assistants in North Dakota contribute about $1,677 a year to it, which is about 3.3% of their overall remuneration.

  • Pension

    The pension also helps medical assistants after retirement, and employers in North Dakota pay about $1,437 a year towards it, which is about 2.8% of the entire year’s remuneration.

  • Disability

    This fund helps the employee if there is a case of an unfortunate permanent disability. Employers pay about $548 every year for as long as the employee works with them, making up about 1.1% of the total yearly compensation.

    (Source: as of January 29, 2021)

Salaries of Similar Professions in North Dakota

The 2 tables below show professions similar to medical assisting and how much they pay on average in North Dakota, according to and

Related Professions Average Hourly Salary
Dermatology Assistant $24.41
Certified Medical Assistant $17.30
Medical Scribe $15.15
Clinical Assistant $14.71
Medical Receptionist $14.54
Medical Office Assistant $14.31

Source: (as of January 2, 2021)

Dermatology Assistants are the winners here, earning $24.41 an hour. The second-placed Certified Medical Assistants earned $17.30, which is more when compared to $16.76 for medical assistants.  It also indicates that being certified helps you earn better than with those MAs who have no certifications. Medical Office Assistants earned the least on this list.

Related Professions Average Annual Salary
Physician Assistant- Specialty $111,140
Physician Assistant- Medical $102,333
Medical Billing Specialist $39,542
Medical Secretary $39,187
Medical Librarian Assistant $35,722
Medical Scribe $32,850

Source: (as of January 29, 2021)

Physician Assistants have to go through a master’s degree, which is why they earn almost 3 times more than other similar North Dakota occupations. Other professionals earned between $32,000 to $40,000, more or less.

Projected Employment and Hiring Trends for ND Medical Assistants (2018-2028)

Job Outlook

A medical assistant’s scope of practice depends on factors like certification, experience, department, competence, etc. You will be responsible for some clinical, medical, and administrative procedures, for which you will be tested when you go for the certification exam. A medical assistant certification in North Dakota can up your chances of working for the most reputed employers who pay better than others. It also helps you climb the professional ladder with much ease with a strong display of dedication and confidence. So, it is incontrovertible to say that a certified medical assistant’s salary in North Dakota is not only better but also destined to rise quicker.

The following table below shows the growth projections of medical assistance in North Dakota for the 2018-2028 period, and they undeniably look good. The 22.8% rise in employment will see 130 new jobs by the end of 2028, taking the number to 700, from 570. The projected annual job openings in this period are 80.

Estimated Employment and Projected Growth (Medical Assistants)
Projected Area Base Year Employment


Projected Employment


Numeric Change Percentage Change Annual Job Openings

North Dakota

570 700 130 +22.8% 80

Source: U.S. Department of Labor-Sponsored Resource, Projections Central (2018-2028 report)

Hiring Trends

  • In 2010, the University of North Dakota projected the creation of a whopping 4 million healthcare jobs in the state by 2018. The main reasons behind this development were the aging population of the state and medical technology advances. Not only that, but healthcare and social assistance is the second largest industry in North Dakota with about 48,427 people working in it, as of 2009. The healthcare reforms of a decade ago are becoming a boon for aspiring medical assistants today.
  • According to CareerOneStop, medical assistance was projected to be the 30th fastest-growing North Dakota career between 2016 and 2026. A total of 690 medical assistants worked in the state in 2016, which was projected to increase by 28% over the next 10 years, reaching a total worker strength of 880. Aspirants must go through a postsecondary non-degree program from a community college or a university to work as medical assistant anywhere in the country.
  • Zippia has come up with a list of healthcare facilities in North Dakota that are best for the employees based on these 3 factors: salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity. Here are the top 5 employers from that list: Imaging Solutions, CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck Medical Center, Trinity Health, Ashley Medical Center, and Edgewood Healthcare.

Written by : Casey Gardner

Casey Gardner is both a healthcare support professional and an accomplished content creator.  She has been working as a certified health care professional with marketable skills as a physician assistant,  and a qualified medical assistant for last two decades. She has dedicated her nursing career to produce over hundreds of content pieces since 2001, and her work has been published both online as well as offline.